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We believe you deserve to have your technology protected from cyber threats. We help keep your organization safe by illuminating and eliminating cyber threats before they have time to harm you or your organization.

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Stop Frankensteining Your Cybersecurity Solutions

Bringing together bits and pieces of multiple cybersecurity offerings unknowingly creates gaps and vulnerabilities. The BitLyft AIR platform brings integration and compatibility to the heart of your cybersecurity program. We provide higher education institutions:

Visibility • Detection • Response • Protection


We Know Academia

BitLyft Cybersecurity is proud to serve 20+ academic institutions.

Having a partner like BitLyft eases that unsettled feeling in your mind and you can sleep better at night.

Director of Infrastructure Operations
Higher Education Institution

They are not only going to be there to help you work out the zero day issues, incident response issues, but to be a sounding board, and that’s something we really needed.

Information Security Officer
Higher Education Institution


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Avoiding GLBA Issues

Colleges and universities are responsible for sensitive personal and financial information. Keeping this information safe is required responsibility for all higher learning institutions. Avoid these common issues when it comes to keeping GLBA compliance.

Spotting & Stopping Insider Threats

The truth is, data is probably leaving your organization and the tools to recognize and stop this already exist. Learn the tools we use to detect, alert, prioritize, and rate threat levels, including exfiltration of data.