You've Been Breached!


This interactive simulation will engage you as an audience and task you with navigating the many challenges associated with suffering a security incident that results in a major data breach.

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Our simulation combines different methods of attack, including phishing, PowerShell and ransomware, to create a multifaceted incident.

  • 2:00 p.m. (Registration and Welcome)
  • 2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. (Simulation Event)
  • 3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Networking and Happy Hour, Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served)
  • Jeremy Mares - Moderator, Business Development, Sikich
  • Jason Miller - CEO, Bitlyft Cybersecurity
  • Taylor Gast - Legal Counsel, FosterSwift
  • Brian Beck - Client Advocate SVP, The Campbell Group
  • Joe Turek - Assistant Vice President Regional Manager, Chubb Underwriter


Leveraging Sikich's security and incident response expertise

These real-time events give you a simulation of conducting incident response after an attack has occurred. We generate a breach simulation that mimics the most cutting-edge and sophisticated attacks we see wreaking havoc on organizations around the world.

Our simulation combines different methods of attack, including phishing, PowerShell and ransomware, to create a multifaceted incident.

This simulation will aid in understanding how these attacks happen, how they can damage your organization, and what best practices can help you avoid becoming a breach statistic.

Side view of young hacker with digital business interface in blurry interior. Hacking and criminal concept. Double exposure


Our interactive simulation will help you navigate the many challenges associated with suffering a security incident that results in a major data breach.


Jason Miller

CEO / BitLyft Cybersecurity

Jason Miller is a serial entrepreneur in the IT space after spending 19 years focusing on network, system administration, and cloud technologies. Jason is passionate about helping businesses embrace the next generation of technology including cloud adoption and high performance scaling software. With the constant technical changes organizations face, Jason knows that empowering the people who the software is the most effective tactic.

Jason Miller
Jeremy Mares

Business Development / Sikich

Jeremy is a manager here at Sikich in charge of business development for the IT security and compliance group. Jeremy has been helping clients identify solutions to their business needs for more than 20 years and has focused on cybersecurity solutions for the last six years. Working with clients across the world across all types of industry verticals, Jeremy and the Sikich security team can provide unique experience and perspectives to a company’s security needs. From security audits to penetration testing to incident response, Sikich provides a full security partnership to its clients.

Taylor Gast

Legal Counsel / FosterSwift

Taylor Gast helps businesses and business-owners solve problems as a member of Foster Swift's Business and Tax practice group. He provides practical advice on issues including information privacy and cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, employee benefits, contracting, and technology law.

Taylor-Gast (hi res)
Brian Beck

Client Advocate SVP / The Campbell Group

Brian J Beck is a licensed insurance agent in 50 states working with middle market commercial risks to effectively measure the total cost of risk, offering solutions that maximize return to clients. Brian minimizes the risk in doing business by understanding his client’s goals and their business.

Joe Turek

Assistant Vice President Regional Manager / Chubb Underwriter

Joe Turek is the Midwest Regional Manager for Cyber and Professional Liability at Chubb. He enjoys partnering with middle market and multi-national insureds in order to provide creative Cyber and Errors & Omissions insurance solutions.



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BitLyft’s Cybersecurity-as-a-Service software platform monitors both external and internal networks in real-time. BitLyft's automated incident response technology detects and neutralizes threats based on knowledge gained from previous attacks. This works in a manner similar to your own body’s immune system: your network’s resistance to future attacks strengthens as a result of events we’ve observed and neutralized. In addition, our cloud-based, multi-tenant software platform allows us to proactively inoculate our clients’ environments before they even become a target.

Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC is a full-service law firm that provides customized service to all of its clients. Founded in 1902, Foster Swift is made up of over 100 attorneys and 110 support staff with seven offices in Michigan, including Lansing, Southfield, Grand Rapids, Holland, Detroit St. Joseph, and Traverse City.  Foster Swift attorneys have the knowledge and experience to address almost any organizational, litigation, and transactional legal needs of businesses, non-profit organizations, professional/trade associations, public entities, and individuals.


The Campbell Group is a full-service insurance agency offering a wide array of insurance solutions. Our Mission is to provide customers with innovative, comprehensive, and high-quality insurance solutions at a level of service exceeding their expectations.

Sikich offers a formula of professional services uniquely crafted to address your business’s challenges and opportunities. Our comprehensive skillsets, obtained over decades of experience as entrepreneurs, business owners and industry innovators, allow us to provide insights and transformative services to help strengthen every dimension of your business.